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Amendments to the Regulations ...Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2020-02-196
2,500 vacancies released under...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2020-02-188
March Startup CoursesWorkforce Development Innovation Center2020-02-179
The Workforce Development Agen...Vocational Training Division2020-02-1510
Dreams Activated & Venture int...Vocational Training Division2020-02-153
WDA Gives you the best spots f...Workforce Development Innovation Center2020-01-2824
Let's Having Fun in Ecotourism...Workforce Development Innovation Center2020-01-287
MOL 1955 hotline never sleeps ...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2020-01-2215
Work is art " Job accommod...Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2020-01-2126
The list of violators against ...Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2020-01-2117
WDA Encourages Organizations t...Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2020-01-209
Train Talent to be Employed by...Vocational Training Division2020-01-1517
Training and Employment Progra...Vocational Training Division2020-01-1510
Mobile Payment, a More Conveni...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-01-1410
Electronic Service of Student ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2019-12-2647
How can employers remind migra...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2019-12-2438
The list of violators against ...Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2019-12-2028
Subsidies for the Unemployed D...Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2019-12-1721
Eleven Outperforming Organizat...Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2019-12-161288
New Economy from Baby Sitting-...Workforce Development Innovation Center2019-12-1318
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