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  • Date of update:2017-08-02
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-18

The basic principle of the government's introduction of foreign workers to engage in physical work is in accordance with the provisions of Article 42 of the “Employment Service Act”. However, to protect the rights of national workers, the employment of foreigners shall not hinder the employment opportunities and working conditions of ROC nationals as well as national economic development and social stability.

Therefore, in accordance with the basic principle of not affecting the employment opportunities of domestic people while supplementing the lack of labor in our country, the introduction of foreign laborers adopts the policy of restriction in quantity and industrial fields in order to maintain industrial operations and assist with family nursing job. At the same time, a policy communication platform has been facilitated through the labor –capital - academy-politic social dialogue mechanism of a cross-border labor policy consultation group. This group, matched with national economic development needs and employment situation, jointly studies appropriate foreign labor policies in order to implement the protection of national employment rights and interests as well as to promote the goal of national economic development. In addition, in consideration of foreign workers’contribution to our economic and social conditions as well as on the basis of human rights and equal treatment, foreign workers who work in Taiwan should be treated on the basis of three principles: basic rights and interests of the principle of fairness and justice, the right to work on the principle of national treatment, the homely principle of living right. In addition to the protection under labor-related laws and regulations, the foreign labor advisory and complaints channel, the work management and manpower management system as well as various counseling, adaptation and social integration measures and activities that are based on different language, culture, religion and customs have also been established, in order to achieve the goal of introducing foreign workers without affecting social stability.