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  • Date of update:2017-10-27
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-14

TaiwanJobs website( “ejob", "etraining", "opendoor", "beboss" and "skill evaluation center" websites, including employment services, vocational training, disabled and disadvantaged employment services, entrepreneurial assistance, and skill evaluation website services.

In employment services, the job information is collected from public employment service institutions, non-governmental organizations, private institutions and public departments. Therefore, TaiwanJobs website is the largest public job bank in Taiwan.

In vocational training, TaiwanJobs website provides almost all of public vocational training courses in Taiwan, so that people can easily access the information about the variety of training courses easily.

In entrepreneurship, TaiwanJobs provide entrepreneurship preparation, entrepreneurial resources, entrepreneurship courses, business loans, and information to assist the unemployed entrepreneurs, so that people could have completely prepared in entrepreneurship. In Skill evaluation providing regulations, announcements, forms, etc. related links, people can find the answer quickly.

In disability and specific groups assistance, TaiwanJobs provide job-related information, including service window information of national vocational rehabilitation and relevant information, related resources, as well as providing employers the regulations and plans of employment of disabilities, so that disabled people can successfully into the workplace.