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  • Date of update:2021-12-13
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-14

1.Physical location: If you are looking for a job, please register at the nearest public employment service center. The service personnel will give advice based on your needs, educational background and work experience, recommend suitable jobs or occupational training programs to you, and help you clear barriers to employment using employment promotion tools.

2.Online service:「Taiwan Jobs」established by the Workforce Development Agency( the job registration and online mapping services. You can register your personal profile on the website or dial the toll-free hotline at 0800-777-888. The service personnel will help you register and find job vacancies.

3.You may also search for the latest job opportunities, occupational training programs and recruitment activities using the touch panel at more than 10,000 convenience stores (including 7-Eleven, OK Mart, Hi-Life and FamilyMart).