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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-18

Part-time employment of overseas students during school studies

Overseas Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macao students and foreign students who have formally enrolled to study a course in a division, department or institution of a university are able to apply for work permission to the competent authority, whereas foreign students who come to Taiwan to learn local language courses can only make such application after having studied one (1) year or more.

※Applicants who are overseas Chinese or foreign students, please refer to the provisions of Article 50 of “Employment Service Act” and Article 30 to 3 of “Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers”.

Overseas Chinese students staying in Taiwan to work after graduation

After graduation, overseas students who intend to stay in Taiwan to work can apply to the following two channels.

  1. Making application according to the terms of general salary, work experience and other conditions

    There are six (6) major categories of work that are currently open for foreign talent to engage in:A.Specialized or technical work.、B.Directors of overseas Chinese or foreigners in enterprises that are approved to invest in or establish by the Government competent authorities、C.School teachers、D.Dedicated and full-time foreign language teachers、E.sports coaches and athletes、F.Art and performance work, Different working attributes have different qualifications, and those engaging in "specialized or technical work" should meet the stipulated conditions of salary, learning experience, qualifications, etc. Overseas Chinese students who meet the above conditions of work may apply according to the regulations after graduation.
  2. The application according to the new rating system for overseas students staying in Taiwan to work

    Overseas students who come to Taiwan to study and graduate after being cultivated by our country and foreign governments educational resources and have a certain degree of understanding of our culture, language and life, should give priority to be recruited to work in Taiwan. The added “New Rating System of Overseas Chinese Students Staying in Taiwan to Work” since July 3, 2003 is no longer based on employment salary as a qualification requirement, but replaced by a raking of eight (8) items of academic & employment experiences, salary level, special skill, language skill, growing experience along with the government industry development policy, and those whose cumulative points of more than 70 will be eligible.In addition, a fixed quota is adopted for such application and once there in no vacancy of the quota available, the application will not be accepted.

For details of work items and qualification, please contact「  EZ work Taiwan for foreigner 」for the program of work.