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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2023-06-15

Employment counseling and evaluation of people with disabilities

This is to assist people with disabilities to obtain suitable employment through understanding their occupational potential, interests, skills, work personalities, physical conditions and required aids before employment, in order to provide references for occupational reconstruction case administrators for the development of a relevant reconstruction plan.


According to the provisions of Article 37 of the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act, labor authorities at all levels shall develop plans and implement them on their own or in combination with private resources.

Service objects

  1. Those who have the intention to be employed or to accept professional training and require occupational counseling after evaluation.
  2. Cases that need to have sheltered employment services provided according to provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 34 of the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act or cases that have been employed in sheltered workshops but are not suitable for such sheltered employment after evaluation.
  3. Those whose medical rehabilitation is stable and have the willingness to be employed after evaluation.
  4. Students just graduating from junior high school or above who have the willingness for employment after evaluation.
  5. Other cases identified by the competent authority.

Service content

  1. In accordance with the Occupation Counseling Assessment Service Processes for People with Disabilities, to provide professional services in order to enable the disabled to obtain appropriate employment.
  2. Occupation counseling assessors conduct assessments and develop individual occupational counseling and evaluation programs, including counseling assessment focus, assessment methods or tools, arrangements and schedule the commencement of assessment.
  3. According to the case status and assessment needs, the occupational counseling assessors provide related assessment services including individual and necessary standardized psychological tests, job samples, situational assessment, on-site test and workplace analysis and other.
  4. After the assessment, the case, local government and parents of the case or important third party will be invited to an occupational counseling assessment briefing session, where the occupational counseling assessor will give oral description and fully exchange views to serve as references for occupational reconstruction services.

Occupation evaluation contents

Implement the following items according to the individual needs of people with disabilities:

  1. The status and functional performance of people with disabilities.
  2. Learning characteristics and preferences.
  3. Professional interest.
  4. Professional aptitude.
  5. Work skills.
  6. Working personality.
  7. Potential employment environment analysis.
  8. Employment aids or job re-designs.
  9. Other assessments of employment-related needs.