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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2024-05-06

Occupational Competence Basis Quality Certification

Occupational Competence Basis Quality management mechanism is to ensure that the quality of Occupational Competence Basis is the primary goal. Through the Occupational Competence Basis produced by Occupational Competence Basis auditing indicators targeting the relevant units, the systematic process of guiding,examining, and ensuring the development and impact on what the application is undergoing.

The promotion of Occupational Competence Basis Quality management will give the certification mark targeting the Occupational Competence Basis which meets the quality requirements. And, through the platform announcement helping the training units, such as schools, enterprises and other institutions, the promotion of Occupational Competence Basis Quality management can be applied in the field of talent nurturing, development, and human resource planning. Through the clarification of capacity specifications required by a clear industrial job market, human development which meets the demand of labor market and industry could be accelerated.

Since the Occupational Competence Basis is an important promotional tool to close the gap of Occupational Competence, in this systematic process, the priority is to ensure the degree of demand for industrial development, the rigor and representation of the construction process, and the appropriateness and credibility of output outcomes.

Induction of comprehensive domestic development Occupational Competence and other experiences of developmental state Occupational Competence in other countries such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, and,according to industry Occupational Competence basis characteristics,the researcher takes the McGrath (1964) input(Input) - Process ( process) - output (output) mode (loosely described as the IPO) as an index facets,divides it into three major aspects of demand(Input) - process surface (process) - results(output), and attaches the document according to the audit indicators of quality of each constructional development requirements as well as its description.

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