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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-19

What is maker ? Why set up maker bases?

Maker refers to a group of people who are enthusiastic about technology and prefer learning-through-doing. They emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment.

Nowadays Maker Movement has stirred the most heated discussion all over the world. Makers refer to people who want to make things by hand and makers represent the "DIY" and " problem solving "spirit. In order to nourish people to become makers, Workforce Development Agency(WDA)set up five unique maker bases which based on the key industries and its characteristics and local resources.

IOT maker base

創客基地 With the existed Wugu Vocational Training Site as well as its teachers and equipments, Taipei-Keelung-Yilan-Hualien-Kinmen-Matsu Regional Branch took "Internet of things" as its main scheme, combined with the overall area of industrial development, regional enterprise talent needs and strengthened the occupation of the professional skills to the development of regional reserves and to prepare for the future of cross-discipline talent.

  • Features:smart  IOT
  • Address:No.47, Wugong 5th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City
  • Opening times:Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 to 17:00

Fashion design maker base

衣啟飛翔創客基地 In response to market segmentation, but also to help Taiwan's garment transition, Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch in Hsinchu City set up Fashion design maker base, fostered students to create functional clothing; branched to "shop before the factory" concept to promote the creation of style, combining training with field production, play class of vocational training resources to the office of the creative design museum for the incubation center, from vocational training into the concept of entrepreneurship, to encourage students to create, and by the department of marketing clothing brand.

  • Features:Multi-function clothing, clothing industry upgraded
  • Address:No.10, Wuling Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Opening times:Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 21:00

TCN maker base

中彰投分署/青年職涯發展中心 TCN maker base is located in the business district of Taichung City, and in addition to providing hardware devices such as 3D printing machine, laser engraving machine, CNC engraving machines, digital scanners, etc., it also conducts the study workshop, a small gathering and other activities for the engineering and technology-oriented smart life theme. Moreover, Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch set up a space for makers equipped with electronic circuits, precision machinery, woodworking, metal art and gardening design in the Taichung Industrial Zone. We sincerely welcome people to start hands-on.

  • Features:Technology, Creativity, New vision - combined with engineering science and technology, a series of life wisdom
  • Address:2F., No.40, Jinping St., North Dist., Taichung City
  • Opening times:Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 to 18:00

Southern Taiwan Maker Center

南方創客基地 Southern Taiwan Maker Center highlighted the characteristics of the indigenous agriculture, called on the design team of youth people to work together to discuss, to create socially significant works, with science and technology to improve rural life and agricultural production. As the first maker base for farmers, in conjunction with local life, production, ecological and other elements, it integrated self-made workshop (Maker Space) and common workspace (Co-working) in the innovation space. Southern Taiwan Maker Center made itself the best representation of "soft and hard integration".

  • Features:local and the only agricultural ecology maker base
  • Address:No.32, Datong Rd., Xinying Dist., Tainan City
  • Opening times:Tue to Saturday, 9:30 to 18:30

Maker Inn

創客小棧 Since the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area has a solid foundation of traditional manufacturing industries, such as various types of metal industry, plastics industry, industrial fasteners and high-performance motor industry, Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch provided all kinds of large-scale processing equipments when constructing maker culture space, with its goal to become South Taiwan's largest hardware accelerator. In addition, in combination with the academic resources, start all kinds of bonus courses, and to bring about high school students participating in internships and employment opportunities.

  • Features:Manufacturing settlement, cooperated with vocational schools
  • Address:No.105, Kaixuan 4th Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City
  • Opening times:Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 17:30