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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2024-07-17

To encourage citizens to learn skills to enhance national occupational skills standards, on 8th August, 2012, the Labor Ministry set and issued the ”Implementation and Reward Regulations of Skills Contests” according to which every skill contest is handled, including district skills competitions, national skills contests, national physically and mentally disabled people skills competitions, national athletes Selection Contests for international skills contests, national athletes Selection Contests of vocational skills contests in the International Abilympics, international skills contests, vocational skills contests on International Abilympics, and other skills contests held or participated in for specific purposes.

The purpose of the skills competition is to establish the value of skills and to encourage young people to participate in vocational education and vocational training. Through these competitions, the public will be interested in and pay attention to them. Through competitions, athletes learn from each other and share what they have learned, which improves the technical staff‘’s skill level.