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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-19

The "hands-on" and "problem-solving" spirit which is emphasized in the Maker Movement inspires the future labor force with more innovation and more practical in Taiwan. To enhence hands-on ability and cross- domain innovative talent, Workforce Development Agency(WDA) has established five maker bases and "vMaker" website.

The website collects an abundance of current information on domestic and foreign makers, provides interesting and novel content, and launches occasional topics to report large-scale important events, technological trends, and new knowledge which makers are concerned with; It also consolidates space information of makers everywhere in Taiwan and represents the information in a map for makers to look it up and find hands-on bases. The website updates the current and future events of makers’ activities, such as courses, workshops and meetings, and establishes online learning resources area which enables makers to learn how to operate the commonly-used mechanical equipment in all kinds of makers’ bases and thus improve the efficiency of self-manufacturing and ensure safety.

There is another area called maker product portfolio. Makers show how to use the ARDUINO demo board to make a fighting robot which can do push-ups, from assemble by screwdrivers to write the program. Some show how to combine the essential elements of the IOT era to make unique wearable wisdom hand rings, or how to bring creativity into full play and make daily necessities and installation works of art with knitting, paper crafts and carpentry, etc.

The goal of this website is to form a community. Multiple professional knowledge and implementation skills are integrated on the website. Makers absorb all kinds of new knowledge and share experience and resources. Therefore, the materialization of creativity and ideas could be practiced continuously, and enrich makers’innovative energy.