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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2023-07-07

Privacy and Security Policy

Welcome to the World Wide Web (the Website) of the Workforce Development Agency. The Workforce Development Agency (hereinafter WDA) respects and protects your security and privacy when you use the internet. In order to help you understand how WDA protects your security while you use the website services of WDA, and how WDA collects, processes, and uses your personal information, we urge you to read through carefully our [WDA Website Privacy and Security Policy]. WDA also has established [WDA Personal Information Protection Policy] as the primary guideline.

Scope of Application

The following policy applies to the services concerning of personal information collection, processing, and usage when you use the WDA Website, but does not applies to other governmental websites linking to the WDA Website. All other websites linking from the WDA Website have their own privacy policies, which are not the responsibility of WDA Website. When you link to these external websites, the protection of your personal information applies to the website you link to respectively.

Collection of Personal Information

  1. The WDA Website does not collect any personal information when you surf the Website or download files from the Website.
  2. To apply for WDA Website online services, it may require the most up-to-date personal information, such as your name, ID, phone number, email, current address, and permanent address, based on the application requirements.

Utilization Policy for Collected Data

The WDA Website will log user’s IP, time spent on the Website, and web pages browsed. The Website managing department will use the data to analyze the website traffic and behavior in order to enhance the Website service quality. In addition, the managing department will only analyze all users’ behavior as a whole, and will not analyze any individual user’s behavior.
The WDA Website is obligated to protect your privacy, and will not modify or delete any personal information and files without your approval. The WDA Website will not do it unless it is agreed by you in advance or any of the following conditions occurs:

  1. Violations of the Website’s rules, e.g. abuse, or personal insults.
  2. To Protect or defend relevant personal privileges or ownerships.
  3. To protect rights of the Website related departments.

Information We Share

The Website will not share your personal information to third parties, except any of the following conditions:

  1. To cooperate with the law enforcement or regulatory authorities.
  2. To cooperate with the authorities to investigate.
  3. In the belief that disclosure is required by laws with goodwill.

Under the above circumstances, WDA will provide the personal information to third parties, and request third parties to comply with the policy and to take adequate safeguards to protect the personal information.

Rights of The Party

You can exercise the third article, Rights of the Party, of the Personal Information Protection Act via personal visit, phone call, or online application. The rights of the party include inquiry, request for review, request to make duplications of, request to supplement or correct, request to discontinue collection, processing or use of, and request to delete the personal information. , duplicate, add

Questions and Complaints

If you have any questions or complaints with respect to the policy or the management of personal information, please email to or dial (+886)2-89956000 (line 22).

Cookies the Website Use

Cookies are small files stored in hard discs through the web browser, for server to recognize the interests of users. You can modify the browser’s acceptance level toward cookies in “Internet Options” and “Safety” of IE, including “accept all the cookies”, “notify when setting cookies”, and “deny all the cookies.” If you choose “deny all the cookies”, you may not access to some personalized services or events. According to the purposes and conditions below, WDA will create and read the cookies in your browser under our policy:

  1. To provide better and more personalized services. Cookies are created when you register or log in, and modified when you log out.
  2. To collect the number of visitors and analyze user’s behavior in order to improve the Website services.

Self-Protection of the Party

Please store your personal information carefully. Please remember to log out and close the browser when you leave the Website.

Network Security Protection

Any Unauthorized uploading or altering the Website is prohibited and may be against laws. In order to protect the Website services, WDA has taken the following measures:

  1. Deploying network detection systems to monitor the network traffic and to identify malicious behavior..
  2. Deploying firewalls to prevent invasion, alteration, or stealing of information.
  3. Deploying anti-virus software to protect users from malicious codes.
  4. Performing vulnerability scan and system recovery exercises
  5. Backing up files on a daily basis, and transferring them to backup servers..
  6. Evaluating, testing and installing operating system and application patches according to vendor’s notifications and recommendations.