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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2023-12-18

The labor force is the key to supporting and improving our national economy. The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) aims to improve, develop and apply the labor force.

WDA endeavors to assist citizens to improve their own talents and skills, while maintain a stable employment, and reinforce key national industrial development and the requirements of the labor market, and increase employment opportunities for people. The task of WDA is highly connected to people’s lives. WDA hosts pre-employment training, assists jobseekers, and helps enterprise in locating talent through a variety of methods. During the period of employment, the agency provides various on-job-training sessions, establishes a formulated skill competency, and elevates the workforce. To improve minority group’s employment, a range of assistance for employment is provided to the handicapped, senior citizens, women who are re-employed, and aboriginals. Approval of applications by the foreign workforce will be managed in order to reinforce the national economy and social development, and protect people’s employment rights.

Organization Structure Planning  Training and Development  Employment Services  Employment Assistance with People with Disabilities and Disadvantages  Competency Standards and Skills Evaluation  Cross-Border Workforce Management  Workforce Development Innovation Center  Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center  Taipei-Keelung-Yilan- Hualien- -Kinmen-Matsu Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency  Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency  Taichung – Changhua - Nantou Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency  Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency  Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency  Skills Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency

To carry out these tasks, WDA has set up versatile planning, training development, employment service, employment assistance for the handicapped, skills competency formulization, skills evaluation, and foreign workforce management. It has also established an international workforce affairs center and workforce development center. The units’ duties are as follows:


Responsible for planning employment safety policy, research and evaluation of performance, promoting international communication and collaboration, managing Employment Stability Fund, marketing, and publishing news.

Planning DivisionAPEC Skills Development Capacity Building Alliance

2.Training and Development:

In cooperation with industries that are key to national development, and human resource requirements of the market, the unit conducts pre-employment training for the unemployed, vocational training for youth, and on-the-job training for labor. Its main tasks include designing and promoting vocational training formulation, application of and supervision of sources of vocational training, establishment and supervision of vocational training facilities.

Training and Development-1

Training and Development-2Training and Development-3

3.Employment Services:

Building an employment service network which helps people find employment. The unit’s main tasks include collection and analysis of market information, formulation and planning of employment service policy, establishment and management of public employment services sites, certification of unemployment within the employment insurance plan, promoting employment facilities and unemployment verification, venues for employment and its promotion and management.

Employment Services-1Employment Services-2
Employment Services-3Employment Services-4

4.Employment Assistance with People with Disabilities and Disadvantages:

Utilizing various employment improving tools, developing employment opportunities, assisting people with disabilities and disadvantages to seek employment. Its tasks include formulating and planning of the employment regulations, developing opportunities for local employment, assistance in entrepreneurship, employment transferring and vocational reconstructive service, along with planning and promotion of employment of aboriginals.

Employment Assistance with People with Disabilities and Disadvantages-1Employment Assistance with People with Disabilities and Disadvantages-2

Employment Assistance with People with Disabilities and Disadvantages-3

5.Competency Standards and Skills Evaluation:

Developing competency standards for talent serving in key industries,and promoting regulations regarding competency standards and skills evaluation, in order to elevate the efficiency of ROC’s talent. The unit’s main tasks include establishing competency standards and issuing certificates for vocation-oriented sessions, managing and formulating systems for talent development, formulating skills competency approval and its promotion.


Competency Standards and Skills Evaluation

6.Cross-Border Workforce Management:

The unit aims to cooperate in social development and the protection of labor rights with both the ROC and overseas, and evaluating and planning cross-border workforce formulation, communicating with workforce source countries, receiving complaints and consultation of foreigners, approving and managing intermediary of private employment service institutions for the foreign workforce.

Cross-Border Workforce Management-1

Cross-Border Workforce Management-2Cross-Border Workforce Management-3

7.Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center:

Due to the need for social economic development, while protecting the working rights of both ROC citizens and foreign laborers, the unit evaluates employment managing policy of foreign talent and overseas labor. Its main tasks include formulating and planning foreign talent and introduction of foreign labor, management, consultation, and complaints of foreign employment, intermediation with foreign laborers source nations, establishment and management of human resources agencies that introduce foreign talent and labor to Taiwan.

Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center-4Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center-5

Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center-6

8.Workforce Development Innovation Center:

In accordance with policy and changes in social-economic factors, the center handles social enterprise and start-up’s network promoting projects, loan and consultation programs for micro-entrepreneurship, digital learning service, and certificates for vocational training instructors and their management, in addition to using Multiple Employment Initiative and community cultivation plans, combined with loans for entrepreneurship, in order to assist with the creation of social enterprises and social innovation groups, while sustaining proper talent and creating more opportunities for employment.

Workforce Development Innovation Center-1Workforce Development Innovation Center-2

Workforce Development Innovation Center-3