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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2023-06-15

Entrepreneurial counseling for people with disabilities

In addition to employment of people with disabilities, another kind of service is also provided which includes entrepreneurial counseling services, entrepreneurial loan interest subsidies, self-reliance entrepreneurial incentives, entrepreneurial consulting, entrepreneurial guidance, and entrepreneurial knowledge acquisition.


Provide entrepreneurial counseling to those who are interested in starting a business and assist them in risk management assessment before the start of the business to enable them to start the business with professional skills.


The provisions stipulated in Article 33 and 37 of the “People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act” and the implementation method and subsidized guidance of counseling services for people with disabilities.

Implementation methods

  1. Services items provided by each municipality, county and city government:
    1. Entrepreneurship knowledge and consulting study:each municipality, county and city government shall, in accordance with the needs of people with disabilities in its jurisdiction, arrange relevant entrepreneurial counseling courses to assist people with disabilities to obtain entrepreneurship knowledge and understanding.
    2. Entrepreneurship loans:to help people with disabilities start their own business, the loan principal should be assisted and arranged through the exclusive employment fund account established for people with disabilities or designated undertaking banks.
    3. Interest subsidies for start-up loans:each municipality, county and city government shall, in line with the entrepreneurship loan for people with disabilities, subsidize the interest on such loans to reduce the burden of people with disabilities.
    4. Assistance for self-reliance entrepreneurship (housing or equipment assistance):each municipality, county and city government shall provide partial subsidies for rent and equipment required by people with disabilities who have professional skills and intend to start their own business.
  2. Related assistance
    1. Microenterprise Phoenix: provide entrepreneurial loan interest subsidies, entrepreneurial accompany services and financing credit guarantee projects to assist the successful entrepreneurship of women, the elderly and the residents of the outlying islands who are determined to start their own business.
    2. Entrepreneurial loan for unemployed insured people: to build a friendly entrepreneurial environment, create employment opportunities, provide business accompaniment services and financing credit guarantee projects for the people concerned.