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ClassificationTitlePublish UnitDate of updateHitCount
Vocational TrainingWhat assistance will the government provide for businesses intending to arrange vocational training for their employees?Vocational Training Division2021-02-01133
Skills EvaluationHow to apply for the course certification of Integrated Competency and Application Platform (iCAP)?Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2017-07-27205
Skills EvaluationWhat services does TTQS provide? How to apply for these services?Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2017-07-27208
Skills EvaluationWhen and how will the National Technician Skills Test take place?Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2018-09-18214
Skills EvaluationIn addition to the National Technician Skills Test, are there other skill tests? When and where do these skills tests take place?Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2018-09-18193
Skills EvaluationCan foreigners participate in skills tests?Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division2017-07-27225
Cross-Border Workforce Management9.When foreign workers return home and state in their national countries that they will not come back to Taiwan due to personal factors or for other reasons, what should employers do?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11973
Cross-Border Workforce Management8.When foreign workers take leave to return home with the consent of employers, who shall pay the return ticket?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11166
Cross-Border Workforce Management7.Can foreign workers ask for special leave and personal leave at the same time? How is the wage paid?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11198
Cross-Border Workforce Management6.Can employers reject the leave-taking of foreign workers? Is there any penalty?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11143
Cross-Border Workforce Management5.Can employers reject the leave-taking of foreign workers due to the urgent need of business operations or care receivers?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11141
Cross-Border Workforce Management4.When foreign workers take leave to return home, can employers ask them to provide related proof documents?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11146
Cross-Border Workforce Management2.Can foreign workers take leave other than special leave to return home?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11153
Cross-Border Workforce Management3.Are foreign workers required to ask for leave to return home?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11147
Cross-Border Workforce Management1.Which type of leave can foreign workers take to return home?Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2017-07-11153
Employment ServiceWhat are the business hours of employment service locations?Employment Service Division2017-08-17353
Employment ServiceHow do businesses report the layoff of employees?Employment Service Division2017-08-17222
Employment ServiceHow do vendors register on-site talent recruitment activities?Employment Service Division2019-06-17245
Employment ServiceHow do public employment service agencies refer unemployed workers to work in the specific industry?Employment Service Division2019-04-16175
Employment ServiceWhat should I bring to the employment service center or station to apply for employment?Employment Service Division2017-08-17213