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  • Date of update:2024-01-12
  • Date of inspection:2023-06-15

Redesign the job for people with disabilities

Employers, do you face a challenge in assisting people with disabilities to integrate and adapt into the working environment? There are some ways available for you to help such people, such as: improving the accessibility of working environment for people of physical disability, installing auxiliary visual voice navigation or visual expansion machine for visually impaired people, or apply for sign language translator for hearing impaired people. In addition, it is also possible to improve the working environment, equipment, conditions and to provide employment aids as well as adjust working methods through the working improvement suggestions provided by the Labor Department's commissioned job re-design expert tutor team after their evaluation of workplace fields. The personal service with a subsidy of up to NT100,000 dollars per unit will enable people with disabilities to overcome workplace obstacles and fully exercise their talents.


According to Article 37 of the “People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act”, the competent labor authorities at all levels individually develop plans to carry out occupation counseling, job redesign and entrepreneurship counseling in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 33 of Occupational Counseling Evaluations by themselves or through a combination of civic resources.


Effectively assist people with disabilities to overcome working obstacles as well as to improve their work efficiency through the measures of job re-design subsidies and professional counseling, and actively develop employment opportunities to implement employment services through the combination of professional institutions, groups and related units to jointly promote the smooth employment for people with disabilities.

Application for job redesign subsidy

  1. Public and private institutions, government agencies, schools, groups and vocational training institutions that employ people with disabilities.
  2. Self-employed operators with disabilities.
  3. Public and private vocational training institutions.
  4. Units that are commissioned by the government to handle vocational training.
  5. Units that are entrusted or subsidized by governments to handle home employment services.
  6. Subsidy for some employment aids shall be applied for by individual persons with disabilities.

Job redesign services

  1. Improve the workplace environment: refers to the improvement of accessibility carried out in related work places in order to assist the employment of people with disabilities.
  2. Improve the working equipment or machines: denotes the improvement of working equipment or machines for people with disabilities in order to enhance their employment suitability and productivity.
  3. Provide the necessary aids for employment: refers to the increase, maintenance, and improvement of aids tools required by people with difficulties to exercise their ability.
  4. Improve working conditions: refers to the provision of working assistance required by people with disabilities to enhance their working ability, including sign language translation, listening and typing services, vision assistance or other job human assistance related to work duties and so on.
  5. Adjust working methods: assign appropriate work through vocational assessment and training according to the characteristics of people with disabilities, including: work reorganization, dispatch other employees to cooperate with people with disabilities, simplify the work process, adjust working processes, and avoid dangerous tasks.