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TitlePublish UnitPublish DateHitCount
Foreign Workers are not Drunk Driving, Keep Work Secure and SafeCross-Border Workforce Management Division2019-02-201702
1955 special hotline during new spring season remains open 24/7.Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2019-01-31191
Sheltered Workshop products with High Quality, The Best Choice of the "Pig" Year Gift for HappinessEmployment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2019-01-25288
The 9th Taiwan- Indonesia Labor Conference perfectly take place in Taipei, TaiwanCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-12-26252
"Mind point - Seeking the Sincerity Products" sharing session,Invite everyone to attendEmployment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2018-12-05182
Employers should show care for their Indonesian employees in a timely manner and assist those in need with returning homeCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-10-01158
People gathering together under the full moon with blossoms,Purchsing Mid-Autumn Festival gifts from sheltered workshops,Happiness everywhere!!Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2018-09-21177
短期補習班聘僱外國專業人才從事具專門知識或技術教師工作其他應備文件Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-08-06258
The 19th Taiwan- Thailand Labor Committee Meeting perfectly take place in Bangkok, ThailandCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-07-30197
The Ministry of Labor reiterate the employment company must not charge the fee from foreign workers for transfer a new employerCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-07-30208
Labor ministry to reinforce welfare for foreign workersCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-06-071141
The Ministry of Labor reviews measures on welfare services for migrant workers to enhance protection of their rights and interests.Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-05-23173
訂定「短期補習班聘僱外國專業人才從事具專門知識或技術教師工作資格及審查標準」Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-03-15853
Pay a visit to the Sheltered Workshops during Chinese New Year break! Youll be blessed with great luck throughout the whole year.Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division2018-02-22166
1955 Free Hotline and Airport Service Centers Open All Year Round during Lunar New YearCross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-14199
修正「雇主申請聘僱第一類外國人其他應備文件」,並自中華民國一百零七年二月八日生效Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-091205
外國專業人才從事藝術工作應備文件Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-08816
訂定「外國專業人才從事藝術工作許可及管理辦法」Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-084577
勞動部受理外國專業人才延攬及僱用法第十七條申請案件審查作業要點Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-08890
勞動部受理外國專業人才延攬及僱用法申請案件收費標準Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2018-02-08896