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  • Publish Date:2021-12-08
  • Date of inspection:2023-12-14
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    The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, and Australian Office, Taipei, co-organized the “Post-Pandemic Talent and Skills Mobility Workshop” on 8 December. Domestic and overseas experts were invited to attend this hybrid event and discuss issues in relation to regional talent and skills mobility in the post-pandemic era.

    The invited experts included Mr. Michael Googan, Deputy Representative of Australian Office, Mr. Wayne Crosbie, Director for International and Business Development, William Angliss Institute, Australia, Mr. Tony Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, Kirana Colleges Australia, Dr. Lee Chun, Senior Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan WTO and RTA Center, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, and Dr. Pan Shih-Wei, Professor of Department of Labor and Human Resources, Chinese Culture University. The experts engaged in comprehensive discussion and exchange on issues of promoting talent and skills mobility amid the dual impact of global pandemic and the change of digital technology. Taiwan’s expertise in vocational training is to be utilized to facilitate regional human resources development and meet industry needs.

    WDA Deputy Director-General Lin Hung-Te stated that the cooperation between WDA and Australian Office, Taipei, began in 2011 when both sides signed the MOU on Vocational Education and Training Cooperation for the first time. The MOU was renewed again in October 2020. During that period of time, both sides not only share a close relationship of frequent exchange, but have also jointly promoted many projects successfully and achieved satisfactory outcome. The organizing of the workshop has marked the continued development of cross-cutting, cross-project, cross-fora model in the post-pandemic era, and to continue upgrading the exchange and cooperation between training institutions of both sides. By building a platform of exchange in training results mutual recognition, WDA hoped to enhance human resources development and progress continuously.

    The workshop today aimed to consolidate cross-cutting consensus for cooperation between government-industry-academia-training sectors by creating a platform of exchange for regional talent and skills mobility, and to share the best practices and relevant experiences of Taiwan’s vocational training with the international community.