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  • Publish Unit:Planning Division
  • Publish Date:2022-09-06
  • Date of inspection:2023-12-14
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     The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, held the “APEC Women’s Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling: Gender Power in Online Marketing International Training Programme” from August 31st to September 6th. The six-day programme was successfully completed today (6th), and the closing ceremony was hosted by Mr. Tsai Meng-Liang, Director General of WDA.  

  In his opening remarks, Director General Tsai congratulated all trainees for completing the programme. The trainees acquired professional knowledge and practical skills in online marketing and upskilling for future of work. The trainees are encouraged to engage in more career development exploration with what they learned and bring new ideas and skills back to their home economies.

     The WDA stated that the inclusion of gender power was introduced in this programme along with three major pillars, including market analysis, strategy planning and effectiveness analysis. The programme helped trainees adapt to new business environments and learn about new media marketing. By analyzing precise market demand data from gender perspectives and adopting effective marketing strategies, it is possible to reach new target audiences and seize market opportunities.

      WDA pointed out that the programme aimed to promote public private partnership and enhance international endorsement. Trainees were awarded with five certificates, including APEC certificate, iCAP certificate, ICDL digital marketing license and completion certificates from National Taipei University of Technology. This achievement will enable trainees to engage in marketing work with a more inclusive perspective in gender power.

     WDA also stated that Chinese Taipei will continue to propose a third-stage project in 2023. The proposal aims to collect post-training experiences and best practices of member economies in order to optimize the training package to meet the needs of stakeholders and partners.