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  • Publish Date:2023-07-11
  • Date of inspection:2024-05-06
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Workforce Development Agency (WDA) of the Ministry of Labor organized the “Actions for Net Zero- Global Trends for Green Industries and Workforce International Forum” on July 11th in response to the global trend of achieving net-zero emissions. The forum brought together domestic and international experts and scholars to explore future trends in net-zero actions and share related practices and experiences, serving as a reference for countries to learn from each other.


WDA invited Mr. Wim Adriaens, Director-General of the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB), Belgium, Mr. Yves Magnan, Managing Director Service of Walloon Service for Employment and Vocational Training (Le Forem), Belgium, Mr. Somchai Jakkareen, President of the Thai-German Institute (TGI) under the Thai Ministry of Industry, as well as speakers from Australia, Japan, and Taiwan. Representatives from the Belgian Taipei Office and relevant domestic ministries also participated in the forum, engaging in mutual exchanges.


The forum focused on green industry trends and talent development, discussing the measures and challenges that each country faces in achieving net-zero emissions. It is worth noting that both VDAB, Le Forem and TGI have signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with WDA, establishing close partnerships in the fields of employment services and vocational training.


Director-General of WDA, Tsai Meng-liang, delivered a remark, expressing WDA has actively responded to the workforce demand driven by the rise of emerging green industries. It had made strategic arrangements for the cultivation of green talents and provided assistance in vocational training for workers. Not only has it established a "Green Energy Technology Industry Zone" on its employment service website, offering information on green energy-related job vacancies, vocational training courses, and government websites, but it has also guided the public to engage in green employment. Moreover, WDA assisted enterprises in conducting employee training, subsidizing a portion of the training costs, and providing guidance for planning on-the-job training related to achieving net-zero emissions. These efforts aim to enhance the professional competence of practitioners and develop and update relevant competency standards and curricula, thus preparing the necessary talents for the future and enhancing the country's competitiveness.


WDA stated that this forum aimed to gather responses and strategies from various countries in addressing the demands of the labor market in the context of industrial transformation. It also aimed to share the current status and experiences of talent development in the green industry, facilitating international exchanges and serving as a reference for future policies in cultivating green talents in Taiwan.