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  • Publish Date:2022-08-31
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The Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency holds the “APEC Women's Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling: Gender Power in Online Marketing International Training Programme” from August 31st to September 6th at the Guanghua Building of National Taipei University of Technology. The opening ceremony is kicked off by Workforce Development Agency Director General Tsai Meng-Liang, along with distinguished guests, including Professor Dong Sun Park, the Lead Shepherd of APEC HRDWG, Ms. Renee Graham, the Chief Executive of APEC PPWE, Chief Secretary Jen-Wen Wu of National Taipei University of Technology, attending the opening ceremony today (31st):


As Workforce Development Agency points out, participating trainees from APEC economies and Taiwan's diplomatic allies, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Chile, (Australia), Honduras, Belize, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This international program serves as a special collaboration between National Taipei University of Technology and Computer Skills Foundation for the purpose of promoting public-private and government-industry-academia-research cooperation that enhances training effectiveness, expands international recognition, and elevates program diversity and professionalism. It helps trainees obtain professional certifications from public and private organizations locally and abroad, including the iCAP quality certification for occupational competency standard and ICDL International Computer Driving Licence. In this way, trainees can become more competitive in connecting to the global labor market.


According to the Workforce Development Agency, Chinese Taipei launched the APEC Women's Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling in 2019 and completed the first Training Package: Gender Power in Online Marketing, accumulating knowledge and experience to fulfill the mission of promoting women's empowerment and international collaboration. Furthermore, the Gender Power in Online Marketing International Training Programme was launched this year (2022) to highlight Taiwan's strengths in digital technology and gender equality. Through market analysis, strategy planning, effectiveness analysis, the program helps trainees adapt to new business environments and learn about new media marketing. By analyzing precise market demand data from gender perspectives and adopting effective marketing strategies, it is possible to reach new target audiences and seize market opportunities.


The objectives of this year's international program include connecting digital technologies and market demands, constructing international talent exchange platforms and networks, building capacity from digital economy and inclusive perspectives, responding to future labor market demands, as well as supporting post-pandemic recovery and growth in the Asia-Pacific region. The training participation echoed APEC's more recent objectives of achieving inclusive growth and the economic empowerment of women through the characteristics of a digital society, building a prosperous and mutually beneficial society.