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  •  Date of update:2020-11-19
  •  Date of inspection:2021-12-29
  • [另開新視窗]Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency_Instructions for literal
  1. Enhance the operational efficiency of professional training, to optimize the vocational training functions of “resource integration", "planning purchase", "performance evaluation", and "consultation promotion".
  2. Enhance the R & D and promotional effectiveness of vocational training, to promote and conduct works related to vocational training practice skills, training methods, and curriculum specifications.
  3. To Enhance the competitive advantage in our branch vocational training, we improvement our training equipments, teacher’s quality and environmental conditions to actively promote the self-run, commissioned training with local governments and civil training units.
  4. Construct a perfect employment safety mechanism in combination with employment service system.
  5. Handle 3-in-1 service of employment services, vocational training, and unemployment identification.
  6. Develop employment opportunities to help people’s employment.
  7. Strengthen the establishment of employer-employee relationships, provide customized services, and help enterprises select talent.
  8. Carry out job market information analysis and survey to understand the market profile of industry employment.
  9. Assist nonprofit organizations to learn community marketing and operation to improve local employment and local industrial development.
  10. Construct regional employment service networks.
  11. Handle businesses related to domestic application for foreign talent and worker recruitment.
  12. Handle the promotion tasks for skills tests and skills competitions as well as player training.