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Telephone voice inquiry line: 04-22598800

Service line: 04-22595700

Fax: 04-22528858

Address: F.6-7, No. 501, Sec. 2, Liming Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

To enhance labor skills as well as to promote social and economic development, our nation promulgated the “Regulations on Technician Skills Certification and Issuance of Certificates’ in September 1972 and formulated the Class 1 skills test specifications of “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Assembly and Repair Skills Test Specification” for class 1 skills test in July 1973. Since the beginning of the technical verification in 1974, a total of 7 million cumulative certificates of A, B, C classes and single-level technicians have been issued in these 40 years.

In line with the organizational transformation of the Executive Yuan, this Skills Evaluation Center (hereinafter referred to the “Center”) was established under the Workforce Development Agency of Labor Ministry on February 17, 2003 to plan and carry out matters related to skills tests. In the future, the Center will continue to expend effort toward the establishment of a skills verification system and, with the changes in the environment, timely adjust various practices with a view to exerting a greater benefit.


The organization chart of the Skills Evaluation Center of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, from top to bottom are the Director, Deputy Director, technician, secretary, with a business unit and auxiliary unit under.

Business Unit: Skill Categories Development and Standard Section, Site Assessment and Monitoring Training Management Section, National Verification and Certification Management Section, Project Verification Section, Skills Competition Section.

Auxiliary Units: Secretary Office, Personnel Office, and Accounting and Statistics Office.

Brief introduction of the heads, please refer http://www.wdasec.gov.tw

Business and contact information of administrative units



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Skill Categories Development and Standard Section

Skill category development, consolidation, specification formulation, academic field tests’ questions bank development.


Site Assessment and Monitoring Training Management Section

Technical field assessment, monitoring training and management as well as verification business audit


National Verification and Certification Administration Section

National verification test matters and certification issuance administration


Special Skills Certification Section

Immediate testing, immediate marking and licensing of skills certification, special skills certification, provide application fees exemption for specific applicants


Skills Competition Section

Skills competition business, skills verification test question bank management


Information Team

Information business management, soft/hardware maintenance


Secretariat Office

General Affairs










Personnel Office

Personnel affairs


Accounting and Statistics Office

Annual budget, accounting and statistic affairs



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