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  •  Date of update:2020-11-19
  •  Date of inspection:2023-11-17
  • [另開新視窗]Taichung – Changhua - Nantou Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency_Instructions for literal
  1. Planning, promoting and implementing on issues of regional vocational training, skill certification, employment services and international labor affairs.
  2. Offering program planning and the recruitment, examination, teaching, evaluation, graduation and career consultation for trainees who enrolled in the self-conducted pre job or on the job training programs.
  3. Integrating regional vocational training resources to promote training, consultation, execution and evaluation for regional industries.
  4. Project planning and implementation for all kinds of training cooperation enquires. 
  5. Offering subsidies, providing guidance and monitoring local government and other related institution to conduct vocational training.
  6. Ensuring all the training activities match the related quality guidance.
  7. Organizing and promoting the skills certification and skills competition, and training the skills competition participants.
  8. The promotion and implementation of international cooperation training.
  9. Dealing with appeals from the participants and general public, audit and promote the project of Government administrative reformalization for the public.
  10. Offering job matching service for both employees and employers.
  11. Offering consultation service on career counseling, professional psychological tests and vocational training service.
  12. Offering case management and referral services for individual applicants.
  13. Offering various kinds of subsidies.
  14. Offering employment services for laid off workers, and auditing the companies to ensure all the laid off procedures followed the regulations.
  15. Offering guidance for companies to ensure recruitment procedure for citizens has been done prior to hiring foreign workers; and monitoring affairs on foreign works switching employer.
  16. Offering vocational training and employment services for specific population.
  17. Offering diversified employment development programs and empowerment employment programs.