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  •  Date of update:2020-07-09
  •  Date of inspection:2024-04-01


Workforce Development Agency(WDA) provides assistance in Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan and offers interest subsidies for women, offshore island residents and the middle-aged and senior citizens to relieve the financial pressure at early-stage of start-up.


Applicants must be the owners of the enterprises and meet the following requirements:

  1. Age:females aged 20-65,elders aged 45-65 and offshore islands residents aged 20-65.
  2. Establishment registration:business / company registration or taxation registration within 5 years.
  3. Number of employees:the number of employees in the business is less than five(business owner excluded).
  4. Courses certificate:the applicant has involved in entrepreneurial training programs sponsored by the government for 18 hours within 3 years.

Implement Measures

The maximum amount of the loan is 1 million N.T.D. (Taxation registration is 500,000 N.T.D.),with low interest rate(according to the floating rate for 2-year postal savings plus 0.575%),and the interest is free for the first 2 years; moreover, the loan is guarantor-free, collateral-free, and 95% credit guaranteed.

Soft Terms for Special Identities

Applicants who meet certain requirements, are interest free for the first 3 years, such as families of special circumstances, victims of domestic violence, sufferers of occupational accidents, victims of criminal behavior, low-income households who meet the requirement of Public Assistance Act, natural disaster-stricken households, laborers affected by trade liberalization, and single breadwinners set out on Employment Service Act. From the 4th year, these applicants afford the fixed liability interest rate of 1.5% and WDA subsidizes the balance of interest.


To match the real financial needs of those who got the Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan before, the applicants may re-apply. The maximum amount of the second loan gets from the maximum amount deducting the initial amount.