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A journey to happiness

"Try to move toward happiness," mom said, Emy recalled.
Emy is an Indonesian, married with a Taiwanese. Initially, Taiwan meant a new place, different culture for Emy, so there should be a lot of new and strange things to be faced.  "Nonplussed!" she felt. 
As Emy started a new life here, she has devoted herself to the family, but what she needed. When Emy’s son attended elementary school, she thought of getting a job, yet with no clue. 

By conducting through a friend, who is also a new immigrant from Indonesia, she gets to know the public vocational development institute. The institute holds various vocational training courses, such as cosmetology, hairdressing, manicure, cooking, care-giver, computer studies and so on. The problem Emy is facing now is how to convince her husband letting her attend the training course. Let’s join the journey to happiness with Emy.