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Keep away from Job Scams
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Keep away from Job Scams! Stick to 3 Do’s and 7 Don’ts

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To protect the youth from false recruitment advertisements and job scams, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor has published the Guide to Job Scam Prevention that specify three do’s before interviews and seven don’ts during interviews.

3 Do’s before interviews: Tell friends and family members the location of the interview or ask for accompany; examine whether the content of the recruitment advertisement is reasonable; collect information on the recruiting company to examine the industry and the position you are applying for.

7 Don’ts during interviews: Do not pay; do not buy; do not apply for a credit card; do not sign a contract; do not leave personal belongings behind; do not drink; do not engage in illegal work.

Workforce Development Agency calls on young people and graduates to double-check and stay alert when looking for jobs, so as to keep away from job scams.


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