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Women's Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling
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  With the rapid development of new media, harnessing digital marketing to create business value has become a skill that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, promoting women’s empowerment with diversity and inclusion is the most important strategies to enterprises to pursue sustainable growing. For enhancing effective participation and flexible application of women's digital skills, WDA launched the "Women's Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling (WEDU)" initiative. Focusing on digital marketing, the project objectives are exploring the change of labor force caused by new media trends, making a breakthrough at existing training programs, and aligning with international professional qualification standards.

  To this end, WDA developed the “The Power of Gender in Online Marketing” training package and pilot scheme. Through integrating a gender perspective into market analysis, strategic planning, and effectiveness analysis, women and young people could master digital tools, gain insights into the business environment. In addition, from to November 30th to December 3rd, the events entitled "Innovation, Inspiration, Inclusion: WEDU Seminar & Workshop" aimed at encouraging all walks of life to harness gender-sensitive approach to convince potential customers, accelerate talent development, brainstorm innovative experiential marketing ideas, and move towards a diversified, vibrant, and inclusive digital Asia-Pacific region.

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