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Youth Programs

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Employment Service Division

      The Youth Employment Service Platform was established to provide youth with information on employment services. School students or graduates may search for employment-related resources and information provided by the Workplace Development Agency, Ministry of Labor on this platform. We welcome youth to take good advantage of this platform and find suitable jobs.

       The Youth Employment Service Platform provides resources and services for school students and graduates. Youth are provided a comprehensive account of resources with regard to career planning, employment consultation, vocational training, and start-up business support, including Jobooks, Career Evaluation Tool, Business Training Cooperation Program, Dual Training Flagship Program, subsidies for university employment programs, part-time jobs, campus talent recruitment, job search safety, training and advanced study after graduation, allowances, and start-up business consultation and loans. Among these resources, Jobooks compiles work contents and wages of 505 occupations to provide youth an overview of the employment market and connect to vocational training and job opportunities; in addition, Career Evaluation Tool helps youths obtain a better understanding of occupations and work styles they are interested in. When finding jobs through TaiwanJobs, youth may at their discretion provide the results of the evaluation to employers in order to find suitable jobs.

       For more information on the Youth Employment Service Platform, youth may contact nearby public employment service centers during working hours or dial the 24-hour toll-free hotline: 0800-777-888.