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Young Friends, Look Over Here – Stay on Top of Employment Info

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Young Friends, Look Over Here – Stay on Top of Employment Info

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 In response to the employment needs of young people, TaiwanJobs has set up a “Youth Employment” (, offering employment information and resources especially for students and graduates so that they may get the latest policies and resources related to career planning, employment consultation, vocational training, and startups.  The resources include: Jobooks -Work Encyclopedia, Career Assessment, Industry-Academy-Training Center Cooperative Training, Dual System of Vocational Training Project , Subsidy Program for Universities and Colleges Implementing Employment Courses, Part-Time Work for Teenagers, Campus Recruitment, Personal Safety When Searching a Job, Vocational Training After leaving School, Subsidies, and Consultation for Startups.  One of them, Jobooks – Work Encyclopedia offers 505 job descriptions and salary trends, helping young people get the picture of the job market before entering it; furthermore, young people may also link from here to relevant sites for vocational training and job opportunities.