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Developing Taiwan's Social Enterprise


Taiwan Bidding to Host the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2019

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Workforce Development Innovation Center

Promoting Taiwan as the organizer of the 2019 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) will accelerate networking with social enterprises around the world. At the Forum, the business philosophies and management styles of global social enterprises will be introduced, to inspire and bring forth all kinds of domestic social enterprises; the diversity and prosperity of social enterprises in Taiwan will also be seen worldwide.

In November 2016, Chairman of the SEWF Steering Committee, David LePage visited our Digital Minister, Audrey Tang, to exchange ideas on the development of social enterprises. In March 2017, Akina Foundation’s Venture Manager, Chris O’Neill, was invited to share the development of social enterprises in New Zealand and the social influence of the Akina Foundation. Both David and Chris gave high praise to the development of social enterprises in Taiwan and expressed their willingness to assist Taiwan in becoming the organizer of 2019 SEWF.

Over the past three years, Taiwan’s numbers of delegates to attend the forum in Seoul, Milan and Hong Kong increased year after year, reflecting the strong potential of social enterprises in Taiwan and an effective engagement with global trends. To demonstrate our strong intention to host 2019 SEWF, we hope to invite more social enterprises to visit Christchurch, New Zealand this year. Civil organizations or enterprises are welcome to join us.