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Taiwan Bidding to Host the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2019

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The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) launched the Multiple Employment Promotion Program (MEPP) and the Empowering Employment Program (EEP) to assist the unemployed to restore their confidence in work and build their capacities for reemployment. The WDA also supports minorities such as women, middle-aged, off-shore residents, and the unemployed, alleviating their employment difficulties through “Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan," guiding them to start their own business and develop a feature product.

Organizations and startups helped through these programs are located all across the country. A number of these organizations are in the tourism industry and formed several local attractions, including cultural tours, eco-tours, and traditional handcraft DIY tours for visitors to explore. While enjoying your downtime and holidays, you can also support disadvantaged groups and help build a sustainable community.

Through the Agency’s MEPP and EEP programs, minorities such as middle-aged, indigenous, involuntarily unemployed, and women step back into the workforce. Recently, the Agency is encouraging and assisting the non-profit sector to establish social enterprises. Through collaborating with NGOs and promoting social enterprises, the government hopes to expand the implementation of social welfare and also nurture organizations to be sustainable businesses.

To create job opportunities and establish a friendly entrepreneurial environment, the WDA offers free personalized start-up consultation service and business start-up courses that guide you through each stage of developing your business. The start-up courses give background business knowledge, while consultants with industry expertise will provide counsel to work through operational difficulties in hopes of increasing the success rate for startups.

Find out more on the Social Economic Development Web Portal ( and Phoenix Micro Start-up Website (