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Overseas chinese and foreign students working in Taiwan

Publish Unit

Cross-Border Workforce Management Division

The area provides information about overseas Chinese or foreign students,  graduated in the R.O.C., and working in Taiwan, including ways of working in Taiwan, qualifications and regulations, documents required, etc.

Apply by Wages and Work Experience
Apply by wages and work experience: There are six categories open for foreign employees to work in Taiwan including A. specialized or technical work (for example, operational management, research, analysis, planning, repairing, counseling, equipment installations, technical instructions in manufacturing industry.) , B. supervisors in companies approved by the competent authority concerned to be invested or established by overseas Chinese or foreigners, C. school teachers (for example, teachers at any affiliated language centers of junior colleges or above), D. full-time  teachers of foreign languages at language schools, E. sports coaches or athletes, F. jobs in art or entertainment industries  .  Different working category is followed by different regulations (Read Foreign Professionals Working in Taiwan to get more details). Foreigners employed for specialized or technical work must comply with the regulations on wages, education level, and working qualifications.

Apply by New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan
Apply by New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan: Considering that foreign and overseas Chinese students have studied in Taiwan, been cultivated with Taiwan’s resources, and have learned Taiwanese culture and language to some extent, government and business should first employ them to stay and work in Taiwan.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Labor announced new scoring criteria on July 3, 2014. Instead of the amount of wages, foreign and overseas Chinese students will be assessed according to eight criteria, including education, salary, work experience, Chinese and other language proficiency, background, and collaborative support for governmental industrial developmental policies, etc. The MOL will distribute employment permits to those who score above 70 points to have jobs in category A: specialized or technical work.  For more information, please refer to the Announcement dated July 8, 2015.