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Digital Service Platform for Workforce Development
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Abundant, professional, and free. A lifelong learning platform for technical and vocational training

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Since the ICT was widely established, people's lives have been affected generally, the Internet, especially, changed types of transitioning of Information, along with the ways of how it is processed, expressed, displayed, and received. ICT not only rooted in our daily life but reshaped the way we live.In addition to the governmental digital archive, the National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning as well as the policy of cloud services boost the overall development, Taiwan now is in the process of digitalization.


To combine the trend of ICT, vocational training, and requirements of tasks of workforce development,

and further provide relevant knowledge and channel for the information of industrial transformation, labor skill development, youth employment competency, micro start-ups, Workforce Development Agency established "Digital Service Platform for Workforce Development" accordingly, online courses, digital teaching materials such as online courses, e-books, and videos were gradually integrated for the future development of e-learning, The platform was also arranged in the style of lifelong learning for workforce development technical and vocational to provide a convenient, precise, and systematic employment knowledge to citizens and elevate the ability and competency of labors.


For more information on vocational training courses, e-books, and videos, please visit our website: https://portal.wda.gov.tw/.