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Simplified procedure of work permit application for foreign students in Taiwan

Since Year 2018, the new upgraded “direct hiring online application system” has launched. Direct hiring employers of manufacturing, fisherman, caretaker, domestic helper, nursing aide, in addition to the current mailing or deliver application in person, the new online delivery is used to apply for letter of first recruitment, re-recruitment, visa permit and employment permit (including renewal employment) through online application system.

Direct hiring employer can apply for relevant foreign worker employment application through online application system, after registering with MOEACA and Citizen Digital Certificate. They can apply for the online application system, transmit the documents and pay the fees. Whenever and wherever, the employer can easily complete the direct hiring application without leaving the house. It greatly shortens the time required for sending or mailing the application, and effectively simplifying the hiring process. In addition, in response to the digitalized and rapid process of direct hiring online system, the direct hiring center will also provide a new service type simultaneously. Taipei directly hiring center promote the “one case service”. The pre-employment application is tracked to the full-time customized service such as the management matters, reminders after the employment, so that the direct employment application service is closely attended, the relevant information will not missed out, and will provide a very efficient and convenient of direct hiring.