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To enable to provide employers with various channels for hiring foreign workers and to relieve the burden of foreign workers., Ministry of Labor had established Direct Hiring Service Center ( DHSC ) on December 31, 2007 to assist employer to hire foreign workers directly through a single window.

In 2008, the Ministry of Labor ; Direct Hiring Service Center had promoted the Rehire Recruitment for caretaker , to enable employer to rehire the caretaker.
In 2009, DHSC had expanded their service for industries.  On January 1,2012, international e-Recruiting System (IDES) was established to provide employer with an on-line direct e-recruiting system with various human resource database.  In 2015, a Recruitment Service Project was promoted in coordination with some sending countries.  Sending countries will provided manufacturing employers with twice or even thrice the number of foreign workers to work in Taiwan, this includes the processing and recruitment of selected workers.   Direct Hiring Service Center ( DHSC) assists employer with application documents to recruit qualify foreign workers for a specific period.

Direct Hiring Service Center ( DHSC) has various services like delivery of application documents ,advisory about direct hiring of workers through Direct H iring website and reminder through phone or text messages to assist each employer.

In additional, Direct Hiring Service Center ( DHSC) had launched a Foreign Worker Aid APP which will assist employer to calculate  the employment period allow by the Labor Law. The updated Labor information and the difference progress of issues. The Foreign Workers Management Platforms helps to provides information with the workers’ routine medical check up, Alien Residence Certificate (ARC), Passport Renewal and if there are changes with the workers’ place and information. 

Website :http://dhsc.wda.gov.tw