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Simplified procedure of work permit application for foreign students in Taiwan

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Simplified procedure of work permit application for foreign students in Taiwan

With a view to simplify the procedure and make it more convenient for the applicants, the Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers has been amended and those foreign, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau students now, except the application form, only have to submit the photocopy of passport when applying for student work permit. Other documents such as photocopy of student ID are not required.
    These previously required documents are no longer needed for work permit application: photocopy of student ID, certificate of work approval from enrolled school, Transcript. From March 23, 2018, all you need in a complete application includes the application form and a photocopy of passport. It is estimated that nearly 40,000 foreign students will benefit from this change each year.
Besides, students can also choose to submit the application online ( The website provide 24-hour service where you can submit the application, pay the application fee, receive notifications and check the case status. Once you have set up an account and registered, simply three steps (enter the information on the system, upload the document and pay the application fee) will be needed to complete filing the application. A user manual is also downloadable for further guiding. Please make good use of the online service to save your time and enjoy the convenience of applying for your work permit at home.