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2017 National Talent Development Awards

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Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division

Registration for the 2017 National Talent Development Awards is now being accepted until September 25th. The awards are aimed at encouraging outstanding performing organizations that strive to promote talent development and set good examples, thereby fostering an investment trend in human capital investment in Taiwan. The judging criteria will be centered on the performance and innovation of talent development, placing an emphasis on “total talent development”. Furthermore, the only human resources-oriented national award in Taiwan will take into reference the judging criteria of international human resources awards. Currently into its 3rd year running, the award has attracted over 200 organizations to register, and the recipients of this prestigious award include major companies such as Pfizer Inc., Cathay Securities Corporation, and Joy Industrial Co., Ltd., as well as renowned organizations such as the Chinese Human Resource Management Association and Plastics Industry Development Center. Enterprises and organizations are welcome to register for the award and compete for top honors.


The award is divided into 4 major categories: Large Enterprise Award, Medium to Small Enterprise Award, Organization Award, and Nonprofit Organization Award. Eligible applicants include: enterprises that have been registered for at least 3 years and are currently in business, organizations, nonprofit organizations, recipients of at least one TTQS Bronze Medal within 3 years of the registration deadline or recipients of related awards organized/co-organized by government departments.


For additional details, please refer to http://ntda.wda.gov.tw/

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