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Youth Salons help youth choose right career path

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According to the Survey on the Employment Situation of Young Labor (15-29) conducted by the Ministry of Labor (MOL), under the impacts of lower birth rate and universal higher education, the number of youth entering the job market has been decreasing over the years. The main reason for young labor running into difficulty during job seeking for the first time is that they don’t know what career is best for them. In 2013, OECD Action Plan for Youth proposed that in order to help young people make the right career choices and solve the unemployment problem, quality employment counseling service and the opportunity of gaining appropriate job experience should be offered to them. To help young people who are confused about their career, MOL has established 5 Youth Salons in Taiwan, and the career counseling professionals at the salons provide diversified services such as vocational interest tests, career counseling, corporate visits, career lecturers, group courses, resume review, mock interviews to guide young people to find a career that is best for them. Besides, YS also link to other vocational training and employment services to help young people find their own feet in the job market.

Youth Salons help youth choose right career path