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Promoting APEC Innovative Caregiving through Digital Upskilling
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In the face of severe COVID-19 outbreak, caregivers shall be equipped with not only the traditional labor-oriented caregiving skills, but also the knowledge and skills of digital technology application during their administration of caregiving services. Under the current pandemic, wisely application of digital tools and technology in against of COVID-19 is the immediate priority and the name of the game of caregiving digitalization.

Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor (WDA) has been an active driving force to caregiving digitalization. In response to our national initiative “Digital Health,” WDA has launched the “ASD-CBA: Promoting APEC Innovative Caregiving through Digital Upskilling” project in APEC Human Resource Development Working Group Capacity Building Network (HRDWG CBN). The project aims to collect the new digital working norms of the caregivers, together with our theoretical and empirical experiences, for developing caregiver digital upskilling training package, in order to promote the digital skills of our caregivers.