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Training and Employment Programs by Long-Term Care Units Guarantee Job Opportunities for Caregivers
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     To satisfy the needs for caregivers in Long-term Care facilities for the Decade version 2.0, the Workforce Development Agency announces (Jan 24th , 2017) “Implementations to Subsidize Local Governments to Organize Self-Training/Employment Programs in Employing Units of Caregiving Services” to encourage units of in-home services, day-care centers and other relevant agencies to organize caregiver training according to their needs for hiring to increase the chances of hiring those who complete and pass the training program, implementing the idea of combining training and hiring.

     According to the Workforce Development Agency, this program allows local governments that know the needs of hiring in long-term care to subsidize employing units to organize caregiver training programs and offer guidance to employing units such as in-home service units or day-care centers and encourage them to train and hire the trainees who pass the training tests.  The number of classes and available spots are determined by actual needs and these units need to guarantee trainees employment after they complete and pass the training.  Units that have needs for hiring or those interested in working in the long-term care are most welcome.

     Given that the general public has little interest in becoming caregivers and most caregivers would rather work in hospitals, employing units of in-home care service and day-care are usually small in size and offer less stable wages, thus have more difficulties in recruitment. To help small caregiving units recruit people, this program does not require a minimum number of participants.  Employing units may apply to organize training programs to local governments according to their hiring needs or combine their needs with other units.  The purpose of this program is to train and hire trainees immediately after they finish and pass the training.  Except for trainees who drop out of the program, give up due to personal reasons or fail the final tests, employing units need to hire trainees that pass the final tests according to the working conditions they promised and their hiring needs to accomplish the goal of training first and hiring immediately afterwards to fill in the job vacancies for employing units as well as guaranteeing immediate employment for trainees.

     The Workforce Development Agency points out that unemployed people who have reached the age of 16 and are interested in caregiving may register for the training programs.  80%-100% of the training fee will be sponsored.  Insured persons of Employment Insurance Acts that are separated from employment involuntarily or certain people (who are the sole breadwinner in the family, middle-old aged, indigenous people, from low-income households, middle-low income households, new immigrants and women re-entering employment), in addition to be free from expenses related to the training program, will be given a living allowance so that they may provide for themselves during training.

     Employing units that have needs for caregivers, please apply to local governments according to the notices and timelines stated in the announcements posted by local governments; people interested in participating in caregiver training programs may register for the programs according to the announcements posed by local governments.  For relevant information, please call the 24 hour toll-free hotline: 0800-777-888.