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Midlife Career change ideas

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Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division

The National Development Council estimates that as a result of the aging population and the low birth rate, in the future there will be a gap in the labor force. The use and development of the middle-aged and senior labor force has become more and more important. The Workforce Development Agency has set up more than 300 employment service centers across Taiwan to provide services for middle-aged and senior citizens; in addition, Senior Workforce Development Service Centers have also been set up in Taipei and Kaohsiung to develop suitable job opportunities for middle-aged and senior citizens and integrate information across departments and agencies in the hopes of providing all-round information and promoting the use of the senior labor force.
The Workforce Development Agency will continue to promote the use of middle-aged and senior human resources and provide on-the-job training to improve their skills; in addition, job redesign is being promoted to improve the work environment and reduce obstacles at work, so as to help the middle-aged and senior labor extend their stay in the workplace. The Workforce Development Agency also provides the unemployed with pre-service training, temporary work allowances, workplace learning and adaptation, employment bonuses, multiple employment development programs, and flexible job opportunities to assist the middle-aged and senior job seekers in getting employed. In addition, the Workforce Development Agency encourages the retired to return to the workplace to contribute their expertise and experience and change society’s thinking.

Senior Workforce Development Service Center: http://swd.wda.gov.tw