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Electronic Service of Work Permit
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Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center


To the overseas students, now collect your work permit online and view it on your mobile devices.

Count the date


It takes effect on 1 January 2020. When foreign students who apply for work permit on EZ Work Permit website agree on the electronic service. After the work permit has been issued, the applicant can then collect the electronic document (work permit) on the website.

Log into the “EZ Work Permit” website, click “Case Management”> “Add Application”, and a pop-up window will show the agreement of electronic service. Press "Yes" if you agree, and the work permit issued will be sent as electronic official document. If you click "No", the work permit (paper) will then be delivered by post.

Furthermore, you can view your work permit on your mobile devices if you agree on electronic service. After the application is approved, you can log into the “EZ Work Permit” website on your mobile devices and view the work permit on them. After verifying, you can then view your work permit on your mobile devices. When the screen displays in portrait (vertical), a QR code will be shown for the employer to scan and check details. When you rotate the screen to landscape (horizontal), the information of the work permit will display.