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The 53rd National Skills Competition
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Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division



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The Ministry of Labor held the first National Skills Competition since 1968 to support technical and vocational training and raise national standards of skills. This is the largest skills event in Taiwan and has produced many successful youth competitors.

The 53rd National Skills Competition will be held in Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, Hall 2, and Nangang Vocational High School in an attempt to further promote skills competitions. It provides opportunities for youth to compete and learn from each other and demonstrate efforts from the Ministry of Labor. We invite the public to join us from July 14th(Fri) to 16th(Sunday) 2023 at Nangang Exhibition Center to encourage skills learning.

The slogan of the National Skills Competition is called ‘NO LIMIT’. It hopes to bolster competitors’ confidence in pursuing excellence in their skills and not setting boundaries to achieve excellence and breakthrough self-limit.