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Women’s Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling (WEDU)
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Digital technologies have changed the landscape of business models, workforce, and the labor market.  In the pandemic, new media was widely promoted as an innovative tool that assist to reach out new markets and enhance connectivity and inclusiveness of small and medium enterprises, including women-led business.  In line with the APEC goals of promoting inclusive growth and strengthening women's economic empowerment in recent years, WDA launched the "Women's Economic Empowering, New Media Digital Upskilling (WEDU)" project for enhancing effective participation and flexible application of women's digital skills. The WEDU program is focused on gender-sensitive digital marketing training courses.  In addition to incorporating the experiences of other economies, WDA has developed a toolkit for the development and implementation of digital marketing training courses for the reference of other economies to expand the benefits of the program.  WDA held a workshop in June 2023 to discuss the toolkit framework with domestic and foreign experts and will hold a best practice workshop in September 2023 to promote the toolkit to facilitate the future development of gender-sensitive training programs for APEC regional economies.

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