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What assistance will the government provide for businesses intending to arrange vocational training for their employees?
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To encourage businesses to arrange training for their employees or co-organize employee training with affiliated businesses based on the operational strategies or needs, Workforce Development Agency provides the following subsidies and assistance: 

  1. After the training plans of businesses are reviewed and approved by the regional branches of Workforce Development Agency and completed, part of the training expenses will be subsidized to increase businesses’ intention to organize employee training.   Website of the Enterprises Talent Skill Progressive Program: https://onjobtraining.wda.gov.tw/
  2. Custom labor training planning, counseling services, and training programs in line with the operational strategies are provided for small enterprises to reduce the cost of human capital and increase enterprises’ intention to organize employee training.   Website of Small Enterprises Talent Skill Progressive Program: https://sets.wda.gov.tw/sets109/index.php