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If enterprises have a need of labor, what assistance will Workforce Development Agency provide?
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Workforce Development Agency provides the talent database and matchmaking projects for enterprises with reasonable working conditions and assist them in recruiting labor. If there is a gap in the professional skills of labor recruited through matchmaking projects, Workforce Development Agency may provide custom training programs free of charge based on the need of enterprises, from recruitment, program design, selection of trainers, professional and practice training, to employment of trainees. The details are given below:

  1. More than 200 types of training programs are provided: With complete training sources of Workforce Development Agency, more than 200 types of training programs are provided annually based on the needs of industries, such as precision machinery, water and electricity, and clothing design. More than 90% of the trainees are employed after training. Enterprises in need of technician training may contact the regional branches of Workforce Development Agency to plan the custom vocational training programs. Regional branches are responsible to provide professional training, while businesses are responsible for practical training.
  2. Recruit trainees based on the need of enterprises:
    1. Enterprises may plan the training programs, help experienced trainers participate in the training, and participate in propositions and oral examinations to select the trainees that meet their needs.
    2. Regional branches and enterprises recruit trainees by co-organizing large recruitment activities or competitions.
    3. Enterprises are responsible to provide accurate job training for trainees.
  3. Recruit labor through training: Enterprises may select trainees that meet their needs and employ them based on the conditions offered to develop manpower required for corporate sustainability.
  4. Enter the workplace immediately after training: Enterprises shall provide the trainees with all job vacancies with quality working conditions and remunerations superior to the average salary in the labor market to guarantee their employment.