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I lost my job. Where can I apply for unemployment payments?
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Qualifications for unemployment payment:

  1. People purchasing employment insurance for more than one year within the three years prior to the date of cancelation of employment insurance due to employment separation.
  2. People having an ability and intention to work.
  3. People applying for employment registration and identification of unemployment with a public employment service agency and having not been referred to employment or occupational training within 14 days after employment registration; after unemployment is identified by the public employment service agency, unemployment payments will be granted by the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

People intending to apply for unemployment payment shall bring their ID (such as ID card and resident permit), proof of employment separation, and passbook of a domestic financial institution to the employment service agency nearby. 


For contact information for employment service agencies, refer to: https://job.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/Internet/index/List.aspx?uk=809  


(Note) Employment separation refers to people leaving office due to one of the following: (1) shutdown, relocation, closing, dissolution, or bankruptcy of the insurance applicant; (2) provisions of Articles 11, 13, 14, or 20 of the Labor Standards Act; (3) expiration of a regular contract; in addition, people who have been unemployed for more than one month where the term of the contract is six months or more within the year prior to employment separation.