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How do vendors register on-site talent recruitment activities?
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Talent recruitment activities are divided into “on-site talent recruitment activities” and “single talent recruitment activities”. On-site talent recruitment activities include large talent recruitment activities, joint talent recruitment activities and job fairs, while single talent recruitment activities are organized based on the need of single vendors. 

  1. Qualifications:
    1. Vendors in need of more than five employees or recruiting employees in emergencies, having presented their business registration certificate, and having registered the talent search with employment service centers or stations.
    2. Vendors whose industry or type of work and location of work is preferred by job seekers or whose term of work is an irregular contract.
    3. Vendors recruiting domestic talent prior to foreign workers.
    4. Vendors not violating the Employment Service Act and related laws and regulations.
  2. Interested vendors shall contact the organizers for registration; organizers may select vendors qualified for the employment market and the need of talent recruitment based on the size of the venue and inform the qualified vendors of registration. Organizers shall compile a brochure containing the list of participating vendors and information on talent recruitment and publish the recruitment information in newspapers.