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What are the qualifications for vocational trainers at vocational training institutions? When private institutions and corporations apply for the establishment of affiliated vocational training institutions, how are the documents proving training quality verified?
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  1. The qualifications for vocational trainers of vocational training institutions are stipulated in the Regulations Governing Selection and Employment of Vocational Trainers. According to the Regulations, vocational trainers shall have specific technician certificates, work experience or education to maintain training quality and effects. Provisions applicable to each vocational trainer shall be marked. Based on the category and capacity of training, one vocational trainer is arranged for every 15 trainees or fewer.
  2. When applying for the establishment of affiliated vocational training institutions, private institutions and corporations shall provide the result of TTQS evaluation under their names as the vocational training institutions in accordance with Article 8 of the Measures for the Establishment and Administration of Vocational Training Institutions.