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Let's Having Fun in Ecotourism for the New Year Holiday
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For the New Year Holiday, Workforce Development Agency (WDA) recommends you to visit Ecotourism spots of Multiple Employment Promotion Program (MEPP) and Empowering Employment Program (EEP) in Miaoli and Changhua. WDA would like to give visitors a relaxing vacation with the beauty of nature while enjoying the tour.

Forget About the Crowded Spots, the Breathtaking View is Awaiting

There is a well-known sightseeing spot in Taitung named Mr. Brown Avenue. Nevertheless, the unique golden farm field landscape also takes place in Miaoli County and possesses a similar naming as "Miaoli Mr. Brown Avenue." Locals have it elected with a new name called "The Golden First Road" (also known as "Village Outer Path.")

It is now a famous tourist spot in Xihu Township, the farm fields under the blue sky with white clouds forms up an astonishing view, visitors can see everything lies on the horizon. Leisure Industry Development Association of Xihu Township, Miaoli County, they operate business with the assistances of Multiple Employment Promotion Program (MEPP). They build up local tourism industry, attracted the workforce of youth and middle-aged, apply Hakka culture by carrying out in daily life, like pottery, tea, and bamboo crafting skills. They also plan tours by using eco-friendly electronic vehicles which allows visitors moving freely to enjoy the farm field scenery in vacation.

Fun trip at Ecotourism around Dongluo River

Dongluo River is well-known by the concept of the Mother River of Changhua County. Nevertheless, it was polluted while the industry grew in the past decades.

Changhua County Employability Education Association cultivates teachers for education promotion, volunteer groups of Dongluo River, and eco-environment education club with the assistances of MEPP. The Association has been built up 3 areas possessing different eco features, including Butterfly Corridor, Taiwan Native Plant Park, and Dongluo River Ecological Education Park. The whole park contains plants in a number of more than 100 species, and the Association achieved restoration of butterfly with more than 50 species. Come and experience the beauty of Mother Nature.