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Have Other New Choices for Dragon Boat Festival Gifts

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Workforce Development Innovation Center

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Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Besides Zongzi, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) suggests some products, promoted by “Multi-Employment Promotion Program” (MEPP), “Empowering Employment Program” (EEP), and "Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan", to you.


For someone having a sweet tooth, Smile Angle Cookies Gift Boxes, promoted by "Taichung City Welfare for the Disabled Association", are the perfect gifts. Every cookie box is produced by the angles, the disable working in the association. The angles made cookies, wrapped the cookie boxes, and also wrote the cards with blessing and gratitude. With the support of the WDA, the association provides the disabled with bakery courses and training to cultivate skills for the future workplace.


For practical people, Handmade Soap Gift Sets, made by "Working Poor Unite", are good presents. The soap sets include fleeceflower root soaps and wormwoods soaps. Working Poor Unite built the workshop to help the homeless and middle-aged get jobs and rebuild their lives. In the workshop, the homeless and middle-aged upcycles old stuff and make soaps to sell. Moreover, Working Poor Unite assists in the promotion of the products.


Want to see more products for Dragon Boat Festival? Browse the catalog on the GoFun website ( and make your purchase!


The Workforce Development Agency promotes“Multi-Employment Promotion Program” (MEPP) and“Empowering Employment Program”(EEP), which had completed more than 10,000 innovative projects with the cooperation of organizations. Through MEPP and EEP, over 140,000 unemployed people got jobs. The programs boosted the employment of middle age and elderly, aboriginal people, involuntary unemployment, and women.