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The 47th National Skills Competition award-presenting ceremony

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Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division

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The 47th National Skills Competition(NSC) hosted by the Ministry of Labor during August 15 to 18, with 694 competitors who are divisional winners island wide. The top 5 competitors of the 47 trades in the NSC are on the LIST OF HEROS, and the top 3 competitors are the eligible candidates for the opportunity to participate at the 45th WorldSkills International in Kazan, Russia in 2019.

The award-presenting ceremony was held on August 19, at the Regional Branch of Taichung, Chanhwa and Nantong of the Workforce Development Agency, Premier Lin of the Executive Yuan and Labor Minister Lin presented the awards to the top three competitors and made speech. Premier Lin said, in the up-hill competitive environment, to upgrade  and harness the vocational skills and the talent cultivation, is one of the key government governances, therefore the administration is actively promoting technical and vocational education, and hopes to cultivate more professional technicians, and injects more energy to Taiwan's economic development. In addition, he also encouraged young competitors choose their career to suit their interests, and do the work to the fullest extent, so social respect and abundant reward are within reach.

This skills competition also produced some flip cases of gender-stereotyped awareness, in the female-dominated trade of Health and Social Care, the Gold medal was won by the only male competitor, Mr. Gu Zaiyi from the Geng Cardinal Tien College of Healthcare and Management. The male-dominated CNC milling machine trade, the Gold medal was won by Ms. Lin Yi-Hui from National Erh-lin Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School. The industrial mechanic maintenance trade, vice versa, for the first time the Gold and Silver medals were won by two female competitors. And the Gold Medal winner of industrial mechanic maintenance trade, Ms. Chen Ming-yeng, a tiny figure girl first won the championship in the Central Regional Competition, then the national champion, relentless and tough-willing, continuous improvement and rigid self-disciplined, finally paid off with sweet and successful fruit.

Minister of Labor Mrs. Lin Meizhu said that the promotion of skills to the youths has always been the focus of government policy, there are talent shortages in many domestic industrial sectors; she hopes that with the skills competition event, the youths could know the skills, then learn skills, and acknowledge the importance of skills, not only to themselves but also essential to the national economic development. And the young students can expand their horizons, enrich the process of diversified learning, wield their talents to the fullest extent, and create a wonderful life with skillful talent.

In order to promote the international exchanges, the competition also invited competitors from Japan, the United Kingdoms, Morocco, Brazil and Burkina Faso to participate; along with some competitors of Taiwanese national team for the 44th WSC, to be held in this coming October in Abu Dhabi, UAE; to gain more competition experience and skill-horning chance. This cross-border competition not only promoted friendship and diplomacy , but also to enhance the intensity and commanding height.