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Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with WDA

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Workforce Development Innovation Center

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  Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major Chinese holidays for family gatherings and gift giving. While watching boat races, wearing herbal incense pouches to ward off pests and disease, and eating sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) are traditional customs, giving appropriate seasonal gifts that enhance relationships with relatives and friends is an art.

  The Workforce Development Agency has selected an assortment of practical to seasonal products developed from organizations that have participated in the “Multi-Employment Promotion Program” (MEPP) and “Empowering Employment Program” (EEP). From traditional zongzi to zongzi shaped bags, herbal essence soaps to homebrewed cider vinegar, these timely items are both great for personal use or given as tasteful tokens to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. For more information, head to GoFun website (http://gofun.wda.gov.tw) to browse the catalog and contact relevant organizations.

  More than 8,700 innovative projects have been launched through the Agency’s MEPP and EEP programs, which helped more than 100 thousand people gain employment. These projects combine local resources and culture to develop diverse products and build the community’s unique businesses. Recently, the Agency is encouraging and assisting the non-profit sector to establish social enterprises. Through collaborating with NGOs and promoting social enterprises, the government hopes to expand the implementation of social welfare and also nurture organizations to be sustainable businesses. Relevant information can be found on the Social Economic Development Web Portal (http://se.wda.gov.tw).