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Benefits for Startups- A Maximum Loan Limit Increases up to NT$2 Million

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Workforce Development Innovation Center

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Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan

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Benefits for startups! The “Directions for Phoenix Micro-Startup Loans” were amended and issued by the Ministry of Labor ( MOL) on April 19, 2019, to increase the loan amount up to NT$  2 million and  gain the frequency of loan applications to 3 times.
Amendments are as following:

  1. Increase loan amount:  a maximum loan limit increases from 1 million up to NT$ 2 Million.
  2. Gain the frequency of application for loan: If people didn’t pay off the loan but still need venture capitals, they can reapply for  the loantwice. .

To assist women at the age of 20 to 65, middle-aged citizens, and residents of offshore island with venture capital, the WDA (Workforce Development Agency) launched Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan that comes with free business startup courses as well as professional consulting services to provide guidance and support through the stages of starting a venture. Learn more about the Phoenix Micro Start-up Loan through its website:, where you can also sign up for business startup classes and apply for consultant services. Alternatively, you can call our service line 0800-092-957 for more information.